The Long awaited annual sports gala , held at Shaheen Public School & College Kallar Syedan , It was one such day when Shaheens are at their best . And it was as perfect as a day one could wish for . Yes, Saturday,24th December,2016, just a day before the start of winter vacations; a befitting day for fun and games. This was the culmination of a weeklong sports activities to choose, the best of the best.

A beautifully decorated stage,and nicely laid out grounds awaited the players to show their skills. The events were planned and conducted for all groups.

The parents had been invited through a written note. Their attendance this time round was the maximum so far.

an extra unplanned tug of war between our Ex girl students & the super Group champion girls of this year was an interesting addition.The Ex girls were easily beaten .

After the game the star event of the day. the shaheen show. A PT display was staged by the junior group boys and girls........aaand it carried the day. This item was presented for the first time and it really really was a magnificent performance.

The March Past

And then came the highlight of the event, the concluding ceremony with the Superb march past by the students. The ground got decked in the green, blue, red and yellow colours. Marching to a marshal tune, the students kept moving in, flight after flight, with pride writ large on their pretty faces. The Principal addressed the students extending his felicitations to the winners and exhorting all to get down to serious studies for the rest of the year. A good number of parents and Ex-students were present; a  number much larger than previous occasions. It would have given the students more confidence, joy and motivation if all the parents were there to watch their boys and girls in action. The ceremony ended with the national anthem at 3 PM.

Now enjoy your winter vacations and also pick up your books and get on with a serious work ahead .
The winner houses of sports events

The Cricket Champs       Sir Syed House
The Volleyball Champs      Arfa Kareem House
The Badminton Champs (Girls)      Sir Syed House
The Badminton Champs (Boys)      Iqbal House

The Tug of war Champs(boys)      Sir Syed House
The Tug of war Champs (girls)      Jinnah House


And the coveted trophies for best athletes were clinched by

Spots Boy      Bilal class XI-A
Best Sports Girl     
Aqsa class XI-B

The prestigious overall champions trophy went to
Jinnah House


Good Luck to you all


For Pictures & PT show videos Click Here



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